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RoC: Clinically Proven

 Graphic Design | Art Direction | Print Design

This project was commissioned on behalf of the well know Parisian skincare brand, RoC. I worked closely with the lead on this project, curating their written research and photographs, as well as creating bespoke assets for the book. 

I worked with the author of the book, Sylvie Legenne, to develop a visual language that communicates the heritage of the brand; having been created in the 1940s, it was important to represent the elegance and history of the brand. This was accomplished with the beige, blue and gold colour palette that references RoC’s current brand colours, as well as combination of elegant serif and modern sans serif typefaces. With chronological chapters, each opening spread featured the corresponding logo at the time and was followed by a timeline showing the brand’s accomplishments throughout the decades.  The  hard-bound, cloth cover features printed lettering and a debossed design extracted from a vintage RoC advertisement. The book is only available for internal distribution.


A fundamental part of the process of the creation of this book was collecting and restoring vintage photos and advertisements and showcasing them in a cohesive way. The beginning of the book also features a custom made sticker, adapted from an early sketch the brand’s founder made. The “Ex Cremis, Ex Libris” sticker was a play on the famous book store, Ex Libris, and his love for skincare. He included these stickers in his personal book collection, and so we honoured him by doing the same here.

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