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I am Swiss artist and designer that recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a bachelors degree in Product Design (Hons).

Art and design are not only something that connects me to others, but also to myself; being able to transform my thoughts and feelings into something palpable has and still does play a huge role in the development of my identity and practice.

In 2020, I had the honour of joining The Electric Art Collective, a Swiss collective showcasing local artists. Selected illustrations are available for purchase through their website. 


As a creator, I like to experiment with a range of practices, mediums and subject matter. My interests have always varied greatly, but I have maintained a keen interest in fine art, tattoos, communication and content creation for creative advertising.

More recently, I have been experimenting with creating responsive digital art and video art, which I hope to further develop from a creative advertising perspective. In the future, I hope to produce work that blurs the line between art and design in an environment that continues to challenge and help me grow as a creative and a communicator.

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