Metamorphose is an interactive installation focused on designing an experience that encourages perceptual shifts through a co-production of the narrative.


main dome render.png

This installation works to address the importance of breaking away from the habitual spaces and mindsets we inhabit by stimulating our senses in a completely new way. Enabling participants to alter their surroundings and experience within Metamorphose births a new understanding of the relationship between their bodies and the space. Metamorphose’s main goal is for no participant to leave with the same perceptions of the relationships between their bodies, minds and environment as they had before entering the installation.

This installation was conceptualised and designed during my final year of my Product Design Bachelor (Hons) degree. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I was unable to access workshops or university resources to make the concept come to fruition. The images seen here visually communicate the concept through 3D modelling and prototyping.


Pictured: Prototype of handheld sensor

The main structure of Metamorphose is a geodesic dome, with panels of bioplastic positioned to create the outermost shell, providing functionality while also contributing to the narrative created by this installation. The participant enters the installation, immersing themselves in a space that activates their senses including sight, sound and touch. A heart rate and a movement sensor held by the participant provides data that drives an animation that is projected onto the ceiling of the dome. In addition, the data provided by the heart rate sensor affects a soundscape played within the installation, as well as LEDs situated on the facade of the dome, beneath it’s panels of bioplastic.

dome render 2.15.jpg

If you are interested in learning more about the ideation and process behind Metamorphose, please view the showreel created for the project below.